Since staying away from groups and staying home is the best bet these days, it’s only rational to stay as far away from a gym as possible. All those people surrounding you, sweating up a storm. Breathing deeply and spraying their germs everywhere, while doing chest workouts. What was once a haven for a lot of folks has now become a no-fly zone.

For those that liked to go to the gym or were planning to make a new routine of going to the gym, the pandemic really threw a curveball at them. Having to shift away from the gym to get/stay in shape. Which isn’t the most impossible thing in the world. But it just means you’ll have to get a little creative and maybe spend a little bit of money.

Now, there’s not necessarily the need to build a home gym for yourself. Depending on what your goals are, there’s plenty you can do from home without equipment. Go for a run around the neighborhood or hop on the bike, get some fresh air. You can do some pushups and situps and the like. All of which will lead to some pretty good results.

But if you really want to make a good go of it, you’re going to want some equipment in your life. Doesn’t even need to be the most elaborate thing in the world either. If you’re on a budget, then there’s plenty of stuff you can pick from. For a small charge, you can get a hell of a workout in with a set of resistance bands.


There are some key points you need to focus on no matter what your goals are. Even a bodybuilder would be wise to focus on the core. And really, no matter what you’re doing, you can’t go wrong by focusing on your chest. Chest muscles are a vital part of any workout. Try to do anything without using your chest. Kinda hard, right? It’s always there, even if you’re not “using” it in a workout.

Working on your chest muscles is a vital element to any workout. You can spend all your time on the glamour muscles so you look good in a cut-off shirt. But if you don’t have your chest in good shape, you’re kinda just wasting time. Just from simple activities like doing errands around the house to having the stamina you need to workout, the chest can’t be ignored

Like anything when it comes to working out your body, it isn’t going to come easy. There may be ways to focus on and get your chest bulked up quicker than if you went into a workout blindly, but it’s still going to take time and a lot of energy. And the first thing you’re going to need to do is to figure out what workouts affect what muscles in your chest.

As you can see right now, your chest is pretty wide. There’s a lot going on in there. When it comes to working out your chest, there is not some one size fits all workout. Each workout focuses on a specific part of the chest. And if you want to make the most of chest day, you’re going to want to get a wide variety of workouts that’ll hit different parts for a well-rounded routine.


When it comes to the chest, you need to look at 3 different areas. There’s the “upper” portion, which originates at the clavicle and helps flex the shoulder. Then there’s the “middle and lower” portion, which are kind of intertwined together. This section starts at the sternum, allowing the shoulder to rotate and extend outward.

Knowing about these sections and what they do will help you in the workout process. It helps in a big way because then you can understand how to better work each section out. Een in the basic terms we used above, you can see that you’d need to do different workouts to affect each section. And that comes from getting the shoulders going in different angles for each workout.

Just because you’re using a different angle for each workout doesn’t mean only that portion of the chest is being worked out. Obviously, the whole chest is in on the entire procedure. It’s just that specific portion is getting the main focus. So working on all portions with different muscles will still get the whole chest ripped out in no time.

For example, you’re going to want to do press-based workouts, lift-based workouts, and pull-based workouts. With the press, you’re going to want items like a bench and dumbbells and a seated machine press. For lifts, you’ll need parallel bars and a bench and even the floor works. And then the pull-based workouts will need equipment like a cable fly bench in addition to dumbbells.

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When you got a combination of all three in your home, you will be ready and raring to go. You’ll have nothing to stop you from getting the sickest workout done. The only that can stop you at this time is you. So if you got the energy and the drive to make a real go of it, you are going to want to pick up some chest exercise equipment.

No matter what your expertise level is in the workout game, you probably are aware that there is a never-ending supply of options for you. Workout gear of all kinds is never in short supply. It’s a big booming business, which means you can spend a lot of time looking for chest exercise equipment. But to save you guys a lot of time, we have gone ahead and found the best options out there.


To show off the variety of chest exercises you can do and all the options out there, we have picked over 10 options for you. So depending on what kind of workout equipment you’re in need of, be it one that focuses on the upper or the lower, there’s something here. And for the BEST OVERALL, we say you can’t go wrong with the Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine.

What makes the Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine so great? Simply because when you pick it up and add it to your home, you’re pretty much set. You can do a whole array of workouts with this thing. Each part of the chest can get taken care of with the workouts this can deliver. All in one unbelievably sturdy package that won’t let you down.

this Workout Machine is the best of the best. You may look at that price and think it’s a little too high. A little too extravagant for your blood. But really, it’s all worth it. Not just because of the incredible durability of this machine when you put it together. This thing won’t fall apart on you. No, the price is really worth it because of how dynamic it is. With this in your life, you can hit all parts of the chest with all the different kinds of workouts you need to do. Press, lift, and pull-based workouts are all included in this. The price may be high, but it’ll get your home gym set up completely in one fell swoop. Hard to beat that.

Maybe the Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine isn’t for you. For whatever the reason may be, we got you covered. All kinds of workout equipment that will satisfy. And all you need to do is check out everything we wrangled for you below. Grab up everything you can or work piecemeal. Either way, your home gym, and your chest will be in the best position possible.


There are plenty of workouts with the chest that need a bench. When you get a bench, you want it to be as durable as possible. It would be quite unfortunate if it breaks when you’re using it. Well, you won’t have any issues with durability when you pick up this bench from Marcy. The pricing is just right. For the strength of the bench, it is a lot more affordable than it should be. It’s easy to store when you’re not using it. And it will greatly improve your chest day workouts. So get your home gym finished up with a nice little bench.


If you want a really compact piece of workout equipment to help you out on chest day, then you’ll want to pick up a Pec Stick. The workout with this is pretty simple but highly effective. Just twist the bad boy and the high levels of resistance it’s made with will really get your chest going. And to move up in resistance, you just have to adjust your hands on this Pec Stick. It’s incredibly durable and comes at a pretty low price. When you’re done, just throw it in the closet. It won’t cost you much money, it won’t take up a lot of space, and you will get a great workout in. Can’t go wrong there.


You may want to get yourself a bench for your home gym. It really gives you a lot more to do on chest day. And the results it delivers are out of control. But you may want one that can adjust. One that doesn’t just lay flat. An adjustable bench like this one from Flybird. That way you can alter the angle of the bench to aid in the chest day workouts. As we said above, the angle of your workout will affect different areas of the chest. So just by altering the angle of the bench, you’ll be good to go with multiple workouts on chest day.


Doing pushups is a great way to work out your chest. It’s one you can do anywhere and one where you don’t need an elaborate piece of workout equipment to do so. But there’s one thing that can hinder people’s results. And that is that it is easy to do pushups incorrectly. From the placement of your hands to how far down you go. That doesn’t have to be an issue though when you pick up this push-up board. Use the grip it comes with to get different angles during your workout. And with this board, you’ll have no choice but to go down as far as needed. It’s a simple piece of equipment but it can help out in a great way.


Resistance bands have seen a big boom in purchases this year. With everyone looking to work out from home, there are few better options than a set like this one from Whatafit. These are really easy to set up in any room. So no matter what kind of home you are living in, these are viable for a home workout. And the results you get from them are pretty impressive. And they are easy to move up in weight. You just need to stack them up to add to the resistance you are feeling. Get your lift and pull-based workouts with these in any room of the house for a sick exercise session. All for one great low price.

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When you got a bench in your home, you would be wise to have some free weights in the house as well. That way you can use them for your chest day workouts. But instead of getting a simple set of dumbbells, you can get this fantastic Kettlebell. For one, the grip of a kettlebell is much easier to use than a dumbbell. It also gives you more options for different grips, which means you get more options during a workout. And with this one, you can also adjust the weight when the time comes to move up in weight class. It’s Bowflex, so you can be sure it’ll last. Adding this to your home gym will give you the chest day workouts that you’ve been looking for.


When it comes to chest workouts, you can’t go wrong with doing some simple bench pressing. Because while it seems simple enough, it actually delivers some amazing results. So if you got yourself a brand new bench for your home gym, then you should pick up this barbell set. Because it is incredibly strong and durable. The grip is easy on your hands. You get plenty of weights to add to the barbell. Weights that are perfect for those just starting out. And when you need heavier weights, you can easily get them and add them to the barbell workouts. If you got someone in your home to spot you during a bench press sesh, then this is perfect for any home workout.


Any chest day at a gym is not complete without hitting up the chest press machine. So why not spend a little bit of money to pick up this Chest Press Machine? Your home gym will be a lot better off with it. This is an incredibly durable machine that is easy to set up. It’s easy to work out with. The weight stack system won’t fail you. Not only does it come with a press-based workout, but it also comes with a pull-based system as well. Use the pull-down bar to get even more of your chest sculpted. We’re going to be stuck in the home for a long time and you might as well invest in a piece of workout equipment like this. The results it delivers are too good to ignore.

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