Black is Beautiful!!

All Shades of Black is Beautiful!!


Black is beautiful
It is not built evil.
Black is not a scar
It shines brightly like the morning star.

Epitome of beauty;
Not an element of slavery.
Endowment of no fallacy.
A unique star in the Galaxy.

White is not the alpha
Neither is black the omega
I’m not a fan of racism
Let us subscribe to communism.

I love my nature.
I love my colour.
Say no to black slavery.
We need to say this with bravery.

About poet:

I’m Israel Oloyede. A student of the University of Ibadan, department of Geography. I’m a writer, and I sell all kinds of musical instruments.

Twitter: @legitisco

WhatsApp: 08108644373

Facebook: Israel Oloyede


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