No one is, for no one cares,

For no one knows the pain,

That have gone afore,

And the pain that has been before,

Fame is all they seek which feels lame,

And care has grown dead,

For life is of no value anymore,

And life has only become a façade,

If only I could say hello, all is well,

For pretense lies beneath that smile

And if only they would reach out to see,

To see, to see,

For fear brings tears,

In gain, in pain, I gasp for life,

For that is what I could hold,

For he lifted me,

And asked that I look unto life,

For yea someone is here and he is here,

For life has come.

About poet:

Hi! I am Omolafe Anuoluwapo Titilayo, a poet, writer and fashion designer. I am a student of the University of Ibadan studying Geography… I hope you enjoy my write-ups

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