Lose Belly Fat

Lose Belly fat: 3 Powerful tips on how to lose belly fat with TRX





First off, you should know that you are not alone in your quest to trim down. Every month there are 110,000 Google searches for “how to lose body fat,” on average 51% of American adults report that they want to lose weight. Though challenging, you can make a lot of headway toward trimming down your waistline with these simple tips.


1) Stop eating foods labeled “Low Fat” or “Low Calorie”


Though it sounds like a good idea, the oh-so-popular “low-fat diet” has had some big negative consequences for American metabolism. When fat and calories became the enemy, the food industry rushed to provide more low-fat and low-calorie options. The problem was that when they removed the fat, the food tasted terrible, so the industry loaded these new “healthy” options with loads of sugar, salt, and artificial sweetener to compensate.


Lose Belly Fat


The result was that we started ingesting copious amounts of sugar in place of fat. And while sugar, by volume, has fewer calories than fat, your body process sugar, and fat in dramatically different ways. When you have excess sugar in your system your body turns it into fat – and typically this is the kind of fat that accumulates in the belly, hips, and butt.


Instead, try eating less-processed, whole foods without added sugars, salts, and chemicals. Your body will process these calories in a totally different and more efficient way, and you will find yourself more satiated, with more consistent energy levels.


The Takeaway


The fewer things done to your food between its source and your mouth, the better – most of your food should be close to its natural state, colorful and unprocessed.


2) Stop focusing on “problem areas”


Sorry, there are no amount of crunches you can do to lose your belly fat. In fact, crunches are probably one of the least effective exercises you can do to slim your waistline. If you want to make a big impact on your “problem areas,” think about the bigger picture. Focus on total-body exercises and workouts that challenge your entire body. This will burn more calories and improve your functional fitness – the fitness that you use in everyday activities.


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This kind of holistic approach to your workouts will make you feel better and move better no matter what you’re doing, making it easier to live a more active lifestyle, and in time helping you improve your problem spots. The TRX Suspension Trainer delivers an incredible total-body challenge with every exercise, providing a huge metabolic effect that will help you move and feel better than ever.


Lose Belly Fat


The Takeaway


Using more muscles means burning more calories. Incorporate total-body exercises in your workouts to get the biggest bang for your training buck.


3) Progress over perfection


We’ve all been there; you missed your small window to make it to the gym or your favorite group class is too full, so you decide to take a day off. The next day your boss schedules a meeting over your lunch hour so you miss the run you had planned for that day. This pattern adds up, then the weekend comes and you try to make up for a week off with a marathon session at the gym, totally exhausting yourself and killing your workout motivation for days,


Remember this: One meal or one food does not make you fat or out of shape – just like one workout does not lean you out or make you a champion. Over time, all the small things you do consistently make a big difference. Making the healthy choice for meals and pushing away from the table before you’ve overdone it, are simple things you can do every time you eat. The same thing goes for your exercise plan, small doses performed consistently can significantly contribute to your strength, mobility, and fat loss goals.


TRX Suspension Trainer


Lose Belly fat


So if you only have 15 minutes, do a 15-minute workout, even though you had more scheduled for that day. There is a lot you can do with just your body weight and a little space to move you toward your goal. A really effective tool to have for these situations is a TRX Suspension Trainer, they set up in a matter of seconds to any sturdy door, overhead bar, fence, or vertical pole, allowing you to get exactly the kind of workout you need in the time and space you have.


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