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The best Food Scales: suitable for every style and budget


Generally speaking, people routinely consume larger than recommended portion sizes. Even when using a food diary, studies show that most people underestimate their intake. This can stem from misjudging portion sizes, not taking into account all the ingredients in a dish, and misreporting calorie-dense foods.

Incorporating a food scale into your meal prep routine can help you accurately track calories and macronutrients. A food scale can also be used as a training tool for practicing portion control and understanding your recommended portion sizes for different food groups. Selecting a durable, user-friendly food scale can help streamline your meal prep routine and enable you to reach your health and fitness goals.

Here, the best food scales.

Best Overall: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

oxo grips

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale checks all the boxes: accuracy, design, compact, a user-friendly interface, ease of cleaning, readability, and a large platform. The innovative design features a pull-out backlit digital display for easy, clear reading. The display pulls away from the base and tucks back in for easy storage. This feature also eliminates shadows caused by larger bowls, which can obstruct one’s view of the display. 

This OXO scale is user-friendly with two simple buttons: a power button that doubles as a zero function, which clears the scale between readings; and a unit conversion button that toggles between ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms. The display also includes a maximum weight capacity indicator icon.

This scale’s stainless-steel platform is fingerprint-resistant and removable for easy cleaning. The OXO Good Grips food scale weighs foods up to 11 pounds in 0.1-ounce increments and runs on four AAA batteries. This scale measures 11.3 x 8.5 x 1.9 inches and weighs just under 2 pounds.

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Best Budget: Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

Ozeri’s highly accurate and efficient food scale weighs foods up to 11.24 pounds in 0.05-ounce increments. This model features a simple two-button operation including a power/tare button, which calculates the net weight of ingredients without the weight of the container, along with a unit conversion button, which transitions between grams, pounds, ounces, and milliliters.  

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This affordable food scale delivers quick measurements on its sleek, chrome platform. The Ozeri Pronto runs on two AAA batteries and automatically turns off after two minutes.

This compact, round scale measures 8.25 x 6 x 1.75 inches and weighs 5.6 ounces.It comes in Black, Lime Green, Teal Blue, Red, Silver, Silver on Black, and White. 

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Best with Removable Bowl: Etekcity Food Scale with Bowl, Timer, and Temperature Sensor

Etekcity food scale

The Etekcity Food Scale is a multifunctional food scale that also harnesses the capabilities of a food thermometer, timer, and mixing bowl. Simply prep and mix ingredients in the detachable 2.06-quart bowl, which allows you to calculate the weight without any messy transferring. 

This stainless-steel food scale measures foods up to 11 pounds in 0.1-ounce increments. Measurements can be converted between grams, ounces, pounds, and kilograms. The device’s auto-tare and auto-zero function conveniently calculates the weight of an ingredient without the weight of its container.

This scale also features a built-in timer, keeping time up to 99 minutes, along with a built-in temperature sensor for precise baking and perfectly room temperature doughs. Metrics are displayed on the backlit LCD display for easy viewing.

This scale is powered by two AAA batteries and features an energy-saving auto shut-off function. The detachable bowl stows conveniently over the scale’s base, maximizing storage space. The Etekcity Food Scale with Bowl measures 8.4 x 8.4 x 3.6 inches and weighs 1.3 pounds.

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Best for Counting Macros: Greater Goods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Greater good foodscale

For those who meticulously track their macros, the Greater Goods Food Scale makes life easier. This model features a nutrition tracker built into a food scale that weighs and calculates the nutritional values of food. Four precision weighing sensors ensure an accurate reading of foods up to 11 pounds, in 0.1-ounce increments. 

This scale comes complete with a database of nutrition facts for over 2,000 foods and the ability to create up to 99 additional custom entries. When making a snack or meal, enter the code for each ingredient—similar to a grocery store register—using the touch screen keypad. A nutrition fact label will appear on the backlit LCD display. After the recipe is complete, the scale will calculate the total nutritional value.

This simple, white scale calibrates and turns off automatically. The tempered glass top is touch-sensitive and features a tare function to calculate an ingredient’s net weight. This scale displays measurements in grams, pounds, and ounces and runs on three AAA batteries. It measures 9.25 x 6.10 x 1.00 inches and weighs 1.79 pounds.

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Best Weight Capacity: LEM 330 lb. Stainless Steel Digital Scale

best weight capacity

The LEM 330 lb. Stainless Steel Digital Scale blurs the lines between a bodyweight scale and a food scale. The spacious, food-grade stainless steel surface delivers the flexibility to weigh all your kitchen needs, from hearty pots of chili to hefty slabs of meat. This compact scale masters big and little jobs, weighing anything from 0.5 pounds all the way up to 330 pounds, in 0.1-pound increments.

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The LEM scale features a separate digital readout with easy-to-read results. This comes in handy when working off of a recipe on the other side of the counter. This UL-approved food scale features a tare function to calculate net weight, along with a PCS function, which counts individual pieces according to weight, which is helpful when making recipes like chicken nuggets. Additionally, the scale’s mode button allows users to switch between pounds, ounces, and kilograms.

Delivering a minimalist design, the LEM 330 lb. Stainless Steel Digital Scale measures 10.5 x 10.5 inches and is powered by either the included 9-volt battery or the 110-volt power cord. After five minutes of use, the unit automatically powers down. For easy cleaning, this scale can be wiped down using a damp cloth and mild detergent.

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Best Waterproof: Ozeri Touch Waterproof Digital Kitchen Scale

If not cleaned properly, kitchen surfaces—including food scales—can become breeding grounds for bacteria. Unfortunately, many digital screens can develop water spots between the sheets of glass when they come into contact with chemical cleaners, water, and humidity, eventually rendering the device unusable. 

Luckily, Ozeri’s scale is a fully waterproof, low-maintenance device that can be fully submerged under running water for a clean and bacteria-free surface. This digital food scale weighs foods up to 11.46 pounds in 0.1-ounce increments. The sleek, black scale features rounded edges with a chic, mixed glossy and matte finish. Results are displayed on the touch-sensitive, infinity contrast LED screen. 

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The scale’s tare button calculates the net weight of ingredients by subtracting the weight of the container. The unit button allows users to seamlessly convert between grams, pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, and milliliters. This food scale is made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and measures 7.9 x 7.9 x 1 inch. It weighs 1.04 pounds and runs on three AAA batteries.

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Best for Accuracy: Escali Primo P115C Precision Kitchen Food Scale for Baking and Cooking

best for accuracy

The Escali Primo Digital Scale is a straightforward, user-friendly food scale that delivers precise measurements almost instantly. This unit measures foods up to 11 pounds in 0.05-ounce increments and remains on for 4 minutes before automatically powering down. This two-button operation features an on/off button that doubles as a tare button, and a unit conversion button that toggles between grams, ounces, and pounds.

The high-quality, precise Escali Primo scale features a sealed digital display and control panel, protecting against spills and water damage. This unit runs on two AA batteries and features an automatic shut-off to conserve battery.

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Its rounded design fits well in any kitchen and comes in a variety of colors, including Black, Chrome, Metallic, Pumpkin Orange, Royal Blue, Soft Pink, Soft White, Tarragon Green, and Warm Red. This scale measures 8.5 x 6 x 1.6 inches, weighs 0.72 pounds, and is made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

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Best App-Enabled: Etekcity Smart Food Nutrition Scale

best app enabled

Ditch the old-school food journal and go digital with the Etekcity Smart Food Nutrition Scale. This smart scale is compatible with the free VeSync app for iPhone and Android, which can digitally track and manage your nutrition intake and goals. Complete with access to the USDA’s database of over 8,000 foods, VeSync can measure calories, calories from fat, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, total carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugar, and protein. VeSync is also compatible with health and fitness apps, including Fitbit and Apple Health.

This sleek, stainless steel food scale features a large, backlit LCD display with a tare function, a battery life and low battery mode indicator, and delivers weight in ounces, pounds, grams, and milliliters. 

This scale accurately weighs foods up to 11 pounds in increments of 0.04-ounces. The Etekcity Food Scale measures 9.2 x 6.3 x 0.6 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds. 

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Best Design: Greater Goods Digital Food Kitchen Scale

best Food Scales

For a compact, sleek, and accurate kitchen scale that won’t clutter your kitchen countertops, look no further than the Greater Goods Digital Food Kitchen Scale. This simplistic pick doesn’t skimp on quality or style. Its classic, clean design comes in various colors, including Ash Grey, Black Glass, Cherry Red, Cobalt Blue, and Stainless Steel.

This compact food scale measures 8.1 x 6.13 x 0.55 inches and weighs a mere 7.5 ounces—the small but mighty scale measures foods up to 11 pounds in 0.1-ounce increments. The high-contrast LCD screen displays large text for easy-to-read measurements. 

The low-profile, rounded design features a rectangular weighing platform that fits nicely in a drawer. Designed in both plastic and stainless steel, the scale’s surface is easy to clean and features two touch-sensitive buttons. The tare or zero function allows users to calculate the weight of ingredients without the container included, which is helpful for messier ingredients like peanut butter or honey. The unit button converts measurements between grams, pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, and milliliters.

The Greater Goods Digital Food Kitchen Scale runs on a CR2032 battery and automatically shuts down after two minutes of use. It features scratch-resistant feet that keep the scale from scratching the counter and keeps the unit in place.

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Best Analog: Taylor Precision Products Stainless Steel Analog Kitchen Scale

best Food Scales

An analog scale is a fun design piece for your kitchen, and some people prefer the vintage style due to its high level of accuracy. The Taylor Stainless Steel Analog Kitchen Scale features an easy-to-read 5-inch dial that measures foods up to 11 pounds in 1-ounce increments, displaying weight in pounds, ounces, kilogram, and grams.

This stainless-steel countertop kitchen scale features a rectangular base with an extra-large dial. The removable 5-cup mixing bowl can be easily cleaned using warm soapy water.

This Taylor scale can be recalibrated by simply turning the adjustment knob at the base of the unit. The scale does not require batteries, measures 7.8 x 9 x 8.9 inches, and weighs 3.6 pounds.

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What to Look for in a Food Scale

Weight Capacity and Platform Size: While smaller units are more portable, they lack versatility for larger portion sizes. Consider what you’ll be weighing and make sure the weight capacity and base are large enough to fit the desired foods and portions. 

Ease of Cleaning: Any surface that comes in direct contact with food needs to be sanitized. Opt for models that are waterproof or feature a removable platform for easy cleaning. Additionally, avoid styles with indentations or stylistic grooves as they can trap food and water, causing bacteria to form.

Functionality: A unit conversion button comes in handy when a recipe’s portions aren’t in your unit of choice. Save yourself the mental math—and with the push of a button—convert a measurement to the desired unit. A tare function lets users weigh messier ingredients in a container while calculating the ingredient’s net weight minus the container. As a bonus, some food scales also provide nutritional data and offer a compatible app for keeping a food diary.

Readability: The digital display—or analog for the old school fans—must feature large, crisp, and clear text. For the best visibility, opt for a pull-out display.

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