Our world

The state is ill
Epidemic sets in
We subscribed to lockdown
However, it kept knocking us down.

The economy is weeping
The people are crying
The poor are hungry
Even the rich are in state of fury

The new trend is Covid-19
It came up the year after 2019.
I thought 2020 was about perfection,
But all I see is tribulation.

Nose mask is now part of our attire
The way hand sanitizers are being used makes the hand get tired.
Sadly, the epidemic turned pandemic
Stopped social gathering from being endemic.

To get out of this bondage,
Let us all stay safe.
Be hygienic
So, you won’t be a victim of the pandemic.

About poet:

I’m Israel Oloyede. A student of the University of Ibadan, department of Geography. I’m a writer, and I sell all kinds of musical instruments.

Twitter: @legitisco

WhatsApp: 08108644373

Facebook: Israel Oloyede


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