Tick tock, says the clock,

When all hands are on deck,

When my body goes frail,

From work left undone,

Mind’s working,

Buh my body lies on the bed,

Deriving satisfaction from work done by mind.

Tick tock, Time flies,

Still very feeble to stand

On my bed I lie,

Waiting for invisible hands to work,

I pray for strength to stand,

procrastination my watchword,

How sweet sleep could be.

Tick tock, Time’s gone,

Eyes wide awake,

On a rush I stand,

I beg time to slow down,

It smiles and watches me rush to work,

I run in a haste hoping to catch up with it,

Regrets I mutter in futility,

Tick tock, Time waits for no one.

About poet:

Hi! I am Omolafe Anuoluwapo Titilayo, a poet, writer and fashion designer. I am a student of the University of Ibadan studying Geography… I hope you enjoy my write-ups

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