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What is a Food scale: Why it should be Your best weightloss tool


Starting a weight loss plan often has a learning curve, especially when it comes to counting calories and measuring portion size. find out how a food scale can help you figure all of it out.

In case you’re on a weight-loss plan, you’re watching serving sizes and calories. A fantastic way to keep yourself honest is to use a food scale. Why? because many people generally eat servings that can be a lot larger than the recommended quantities. A food scale teaches you portion control and keeps you from eating more than you planned.

“I definitely promote food scales,” says Liz Weinandy, RD, MPH, a dietitian within the non-surgical application at Ohio country college clinical center in Columbus.

A food scale can be used for any meal plan or weight loss that specifies a serving size in ounces. A countrywide survey of more than 6,000 adults showed that those who measured their food have been more successful at losing weight and retaining it off than people who did not.

Food Scale: how it Works

food scale

Whilst beginning a food plan, measuring food is a critical part of getting to know about correct serving sizes. A food scale will display to you that the portion you thought was 4 ounces may additionally really weigh 8 ounces. That’s the sort of mistake that could derail your Weight loss plan.

Weinandy stresses that a food scale is the simplest one of the measuring tools you’ll want; measuring cups and spoons are also crucial weight loss implements. food scales are exceptional for meat, which should weigh in at 3 ounces per serving, and cheese, 1.5 ounces per serving. Cups are great for cooked pasta or rice — a serving is a half cup — and fruits and vegetables.

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Generally, you’ll measure your meals after it is cooked. but, a food scale can also be handy in case you are preparing food using meal plans or recipes that specify certain weights of ingredients.

Calculating portion Sizes whilst eating Out

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You may take along your measuring cups and scales when eating out, but that could be a cumbersome way to travel. Weinandy prefers teaching dieters about visible comparisons which could help guide their recognition of serving sizes on their plate.

As an example, a serving of meat is about the size of a deck of playing cards, and a serving of pasta has to fit in the palm of your hand.

“I absolutely focus on the ones due to the fact people can visualize them when they’re out and about,” Weinandy says.

In case you often use a food scale at home, you will gradually turn out to be familiar with the look and feel of correct serving sizes. facts show that exposure to accurate serving sizes does help human beings make better picks in restaurant settings, too.

Food Scale: selecting the best One

Food scales range from a small plastic cup on a small plastic base to steel scales with weights and measures to high priced, programmable digital scales that could come up with the whole dietary records for each serving size. The best food scale for you:

1.             Is within your budget

2.             Has numbers you can read easily

3.             Has a cup or bowl large enough to hold the food you want to weigh

4.             is simple to clean and store

food scale

“What I discover is that people will go out and purchase one after which it ends up inside the cupboard,” says Weinandy. “I generally just advise one of the cheaper types. It’s not like you’re measuring your food for some type of test.”

If you find that measuring your food fits you, you can want to upgrade to a more costly model. “some people simply want to get very precise with a food scale,” she says.

The best Food Scales: suitable for every style and budget

Using a food scale, even if you eventually stop using it, let you learn more about accurate serving sizes, which is a superb investment for your long-term weight and weight management plan.

If you are thinking of buying a food scale today, we recommend you go for OXO good grips. Its stainless steel is smudge and water-resistant. It uses the normal AA or AAA battery. It checks all the boxes: accuracy, design, compact, a user-friendly interface, ease of cleaning, readability, and a large platform.

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