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Oravet Dental Chews for Dogs



If you are looking for a way to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy, you might want to consider ORAVET Dental Chews for Dogs. These are not just ordinary treats, but dental chews that have a dual-action formula to protect and clean your dog’s mouth.

ORAVET Dental Chews contain delmopinol HCI, a substance that is used in human oral care products to prevent plaque and bacteria from sticking to the teeth. Delmopinol forms a protective barrier on the teeth that helps prevent the formation of plaque, tartar, and bad breath.

ORAVET Dental Chews also have a chewy texture that helps scrub away existing plaque and tartar as your dog bites into them. This mechanical action helps reduce the risk of dental problems such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth loss.

Dog Care Tips

ORAVET Dental Chews are easy to give and come in four sizes for different breeds of dogs: extra small (up to 10 lbs), small (10-24 lbs), medium (25-50 lbs), and large (over 50 lbs). You can give one chew per day to your dog as part of their daily oral care routine.

ORAVET Dental Chews are recommended by veterinarians as a way to control bad breath, plaque, and tartar in dogs. They are also the #1 dental chew product that vets give to their dogs. Many customers have reported positive results from using ORAVET Dental Chews, such as improved breath, reduced plaque, and prevented dental problems.

Some of the benefits of using ORAVET Dental Chews for dogs are:

– Fresh breath and a healthy smile. Bad breath in dogs can be caused by the buildup of plaque and bacteria on the teeth and gums. ORAVET chews fight bad breath before it starts by preventing bacterial attachment.

– A unique ingredient. ORAVET Dental Hygiene Chews contain delmopinol, an ingredient used in human oral care rinses. Delmopinol coats the teeth, preventing bacteria from attaching to the enamel, inhibiting plaque formation, and keeping your dog’s mouth protected.

– Prevention of plaque and tartar buildup. ORAVET chews have been clinically shown to combat plaque, tartar, and bad breath. Oral care is a key component of your dog’s well-being, and ORAVET chews help ensure that your pet is getting the oral care they need, day after day.

– A dual-action design to clean and protect. When your dog bites into an ORAVET chew, the chewing action removes plaque on the teeth down to the gum line. As this occurs, delmopinol is released and coats the teeth to help prevent bacterial attachment.

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ORAVET Dental Chews for Dogs are more than just treats. They are dental chews that help protect and clean your dog’s teeth with a unique ingredient and a dual-action design. They are proven to reduce bad breath, plaque, and tartar in dogs of all sizes and ages. They are also easy to give and delicious for your dog. If you care about your dog’s oral health and want to prevent dental problems in the future, you should give ORAVET Dental Chews a try. They are affordable, effective, and recommended by veterinarians. You can order them online or find them at your local pet store.

Don’t wait any longer. Give your dog the gift of a healthy smile with ORAVET Dental Chews today!

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